I made this craft recently for my daughter who is fascinated by the new movie Frozen. She loves to dress up as princess Elsa. I drew the crown and she colored it and put glitter on it. I thought since there are many little girls who are into this that maybe I'll post the printable file for others to use. 

So if you'd like to download this craft project, check this out:

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Art Party

I'm getting more into doing art parties these days, teaching kids how to paint on canvas, etc. As a matter of fact I've put together an Art Party Package for anyone interested in having an art party. 

I'm really excited about this as it's something I really love to do. 

Here are some pictures from a recent painting party we had. There were about 15 6 year old girls at this event, so there was lots of help from their moms (they almost seemed to enjoy it more than the kids at some points in the class :-) ).

The center one is the sample picture that I brought and everyone copied step by step in their own colors.


Aren't these kids just the cutest? I had such fun painting all these kids faces at a recent party. I love turning around after I'm done painting the kids faces one at a time and seeing every kid in the room with their faces painted. 


Abstract Art Party

This is a little late in posting, but I had to do a post about my daughters 9th birthday party. I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she came up with the idea of doing an abstract art party seeing as that's something she really loves. 

It turned out to be an extremely fun party. We did all sorts of messy abstract art and the kids took home canvas paintings they had made themselves.

Some of the kids said as they were leaving that they never knew art could be so much fun. In my mind, that's a successful party! 

Painting Canvasses. We used silly string, mesh tape, masking tape, forks, etc. to add texture to their paintings and interesting designs.

Completed paintings. It was so much fun to see each child's unique personality come out in their art.

Sadly I don't have pictures of each different type of art we did, but we rolled out a big sheet of paper and did a sheet of round designs using balloons dipped in bowls of swirling paint, a sheet of hand and finger art and a sheet of splat painting. Then we laid them out on the trampoline to dry.

And finally we had a decorate your own cake activity. Ashlyn wanted me to cover a cake in plain white frosting and they would all gather round and paint the cake with colored frosting. I laid the cake on a cakeboard cut like a paint pallette and put circles of colored frosting round it like paint. 

A happy birthday girl!

These are some of Ashlyn's abstract paintings. She has a gallery in her bedroom. 


I just found this on our school's website this morning :D. I face painted at a back-to-school event for Reed Elementary here in Allen. Great fun and nice to work in my kids school.

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