Face Painting in DFW

I just thought to share some of the fun pictures from the last few months of the face painting and balloon twisting me and my team have done. 








Cat Themed Art Party

This party was for a 9 year old cat lover and a very artsy family. It was tons of fun.

I had planned the party for 12+ 9-year old girls, but ended up with 18+ girls from 3-9 years old. So it was a bit of a challenge to keep them all happy.

sometimes when I'm leading an art party, we do the whole thing in steps and each child follows along and they all create the same thing, other times, like this, it's pretty much a free-for-all and everyone gets to do their painting just how they like it.

I drew a basic cat on each canvas and gave the girls pencils to decorate and finish out their picture the way they liked. Then they went to work painting them and I ran around giving guidance and advice as needed.

I love seeing kids imaginations come to life on their canvasses and seeing their personalities shine in the way they complete their painting.


Spa party

One of the things we offer is spa parties. These are tons of fun. I did one recently for a small group of girls having a birthday slumber party.

We did manis and pedis and facials with cucumbers (definitely their favorite part). There was a make up station for the girls to apply their own or each other's make up.

We also made our own bath salts, which the girls decided to do like sand art and made layers of different colors in their jars.






Inside Out Painting Party

We did a fun painting party recently to go along with the new Inside Out movie. The kids painted Joy.

I drew the picture lightly on the canvas in pencil and the kids painted them.

They had a lot of fun naming the different "emotion colors" of their bubbles :D.




Art Parties -- Oodles of Owls

It really has felt like oodles of owls lately. I've done several owl painting parties for a number of 7 and 8 year old girls and it's been loads of fun.

I think I've found a few keys to making the process with a slightly younger crowd go more smoothly and so we've all enjoyed it more.

This last weekend we had a patio painting party. It was hilarious as it was soooo windy. I had decided to put the paint on paper plates this time instead of plastic palettes to make the clean up easier and goodness only knows what I was thinking. Paper plates full of paint in super windy conditions... definitely not a good idea. We had two plates go flying.

Thankfully though, no one got paint on their clothes and the girls did a wonderful job and we all had loads of fun!

As you can see they all came out lovely and everyone got to try out their own creativity.


 Aren't these cute? My favorite thing about hosting these parties is seeing the originality each kid brings to their own work. There is always a story and reason behind each addition and that makes it so entertaining.

Some kids are so neat and precise and that is an art in itself, and others just get in there and get wild with the colors and add so much to the original idea and just let their inner artist out and I love that.