We recently did balloons and face painting at Cabelas in Fort Worth for their anual community event. It was great fun and a wonderful event!





Welcome to the launch of The Morning Princess, a book written by Marlo Davis and illustrated by me.

The event will take place on June 1st, from 3-5 pm.

If you can make it, we'd love to have you. There will be face painting and games, books available and a fun photo shoot.

Please RSVP to the invitation below.

Looking forward to seeing you.







This is a big 4x5 foot canvas painting that I did recently for Taco Bueno. It's a really cute idea as the back of the painting is covered with little magnets so that the employees can attach appreciation notes to each other as a team building activity. 



Avengers Birthday party

My daughter Ashlyn turned eight a few weeks ago and she requested an Avengers themed party. She actually came up with the plan for most of the activities and things we did for the party as well as designed her own cake.

It was fun taking all her ideas and turning them into reality. She's very artistic and creative and helped me make a lot of the things.

Since she wanted Avengers, I thought to go a bit more comic in the decor as she loves the Avengers comics and cartoons. We had Thors hammers (cheese cubes and pretzel sticks) and cake POPs as well as POP corn and CRUNCH-y chips :D. And, yes, she wanted the Hulk's fist popping out of her cake.  



We had a make-your-own superhero craft.

Ashlyn and her friend Kennedy's final products.

 And an Iron Man

Wonder Woman

Then the kids smashed a "bad guy" pinata with Hulk's fist

 And Thor's hammer

Or both :-).